Master Jisho Matsumoto Holds Online Zazenkai in English as well

[ Feb.10, 2021 ]

Sri Jisho Matsumoto's Upcoming Zazenkai with English translation

Feb. 21 & April 18 2021 at 18:00 JST 東京はスリランカより3時間30分進んでいます

Paris 10:00 (Feb) / 11:00 (April)
Nairobi 12 noon
Colombo 14:30
Tokyo 18:00
Sydney 20:00 (Feb) / 19:00 (April)

For details see the website: (Master Jisho Matsumoto Official Website: Truth and Enlightenment ; how to sit ; schedules)

About Master Jisho Matsumoto

jishomatsumotoonlineZen Master Jisho Matsumoto
Born in 1961.
Jisho tried various meditation techniques, healing practices, therapies and other methods in the past in order to resolve anxiety in general. At one point, he realized that his anxiety stemmed from fear of death and not knowing what would happen after death.  He then began searching for Truth and satori. Although he had certain experiences and insights through his previous practices,....(for more click:


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